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About HCL TechBee

TechBee is an exclusive Early Career program for individuals looking for full-time jobs in Information Technology after completing high-school. Candidates undergo 12-months training and learn futuristic technical skills with highly skilled global trainers. On successful completion of the training, they are employed in niche technologies to serve global clients. Candidates are also made proficient in Business English and are professionally benchmarked with global IT industry standards. Candidates also get an opportunity to pursue higher education from reputed universities in Vietnam with financial support from HCLTech, while continuing their regular job. The TechBee hybrid training program focuses on overall education and personality grooming giving candidates the advantage of beginning their careers early, and gaining an edge over their peers.

Who can apply?

– Class 12 passing students (High school graduates)
– Vocational school passing students
– Vocational college students

Program Features

Eligibility criteria

  • Any resident student of Vietnam who has successfully graduated from High School (Grade 12) in 2021 or 2022 and holds a High school graduation certificate or its equivalent, is eligible to apply for the TechBee Program

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    Full Time Tech Career


    Stable and long term employment opportunity
    3 to 4 year head start to your career


    Medical Benefits


    Well-crafted health insurance for employees and their dependents


    Higher Education Opportunity


    Higher education from leading universities with financial support from HCLTech


    Program Pathways

    01Complete registration
    02Complete assessment challenge
    03Video/Personal Interview
    05Onboarding and orientation
    06Start the program and your career